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Eight Spaniards arrested after returning from combat in Ukraine

Posted by Spain on Saturday, February 28 @ 15:10:44 EST (2137 reads)

The National Police on Friday detained eight Spaniards suspected of fighting alongside pro-Russian forces in the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. The arrests took place in Asturias, Catalonia, Extremadura, Murcia, Navarre and Madrid. Three of the suspects are former members of the Spanish armed forces, and one is confirmed to have been on the frontline, according to anti-terrorist sources. The men are all aged between 20 and 30 years old.

The eight Spaniards belong to several different communist organizations, and had received support from an unofficial pro-Russian European network. The operation was completed after three of the men returned to Spain during February – the last of the men arrived last week.

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Spain delays further cuts to Erasmus student funds

Posted by Spain on Wednesday, November 06 @ 11:48:34 EST (3052 reads)

Spain is delaying making further cuts to Erasmus, a European scheme that allows thousands of students to study abroad.

Two years ago, the Spanish government reduced its contributions and it planned to take additional measures this year. But it is now pushing back the proposal till next year in the face of mounting criticism.


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Posted by Spain on Monday, March 11 @ 03:26:37 EDT (3265 reads)

Following the organization of drinking parties last weekend over the Internet, another event is being set up in Málaga for this evening, again using the new technology.

Message boards and emails are promoting an event at 9,30pm on the Malagueta beach – an orgy.

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Day of the Working Woman in Spain, Day of the Working Woman in Spain

Posted by Spain on Monday, March 11 @ 03:11:43 EDT (2952 reads)

It’s the day of the Working Women today, with the Spanish government doing what it can to end discrimination and also domestic violence.

Institutions, political parties, associations, non governmental organizations, and trade unions are demanding equality in an ever more vocal manner.

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