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Despite its economic problems, Spain has much to admire

Posted by Spain on Tuesday, March 12 @ 04:02:50 EDT (6845 reads)

Thanks in part to a healthy Mediterranean diet, Spaniards live longer and have lower obesity rates than Americans, an observable fact as here on a street in Madrid.

Spain is having a rough time these days. The jobless rate, 17.9 percent, is Europe's highest. Real estate agents are running foreclosure tours along the grossly overdeveloped Costa del Sol. ETA, the Basque separatist group, is back to its bombings.

But, hey, Spain is still a pretty swell country.

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Six die in Spain tour-bus crash

Posted by Spain on Tuesday, March 12 @ 03:48:21 EDT (4605 reads)

A tour-bus has crashed near Barcelona in north-eastern Spain, killing at least six people and injuring about 40.

Most of the casualties were reported to be Dutch tourists.

The crash happened at about 2310 (2110 GMT) on Thursday at Sant Pol de Mar. Spanish media say the bus left the road on a bend, hit a car and overturned.

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