Instant Immersion Spanish Deluxe

Instant Immersion Spanish Deluxe
From the publisher of one of the nation's number one selling Instant Immersion Language applications comes Instant Immersion Language Deluxe, a comprehensive approach to language study focusing on listening, reading, and writing. Emphasizing the Euro Method - a time-tested process for learning to speak a foreign language quickl-this eight-disc suite combines an immersion environment with a brand-new curriculum focusing on composition, phonetics, grammar, dictation, and comprehension.

* Beginner--review the basics and make yourself understood in simple situations
* Advanced--perfect your command of the language and communicate easily in any everyday situation

* 3D phonetic animations
* Spoken Error Tracking System (S.E.T.S.)
* Interactive dialogue
* Dictation
* Comprehension
* Listening
* Writing
* Pronunciation
* Speaking
* Conversation
* Vocabulary
* Grammar
* Cultural traditions

Interactive lessons on:
* Introducing oneself
* Physical characteristics
* Dates and times
* Asking questions and finding directions

* Dialog
* Picture/word association
* Fill in the blanks
* Crossword puzzles
* Sentence pronunciation
* Word pronunciation
* Word order
* Grammar
* Advanced speech recognition
* Phoneme pronunciation
* Dictation
* Comprehension
* Glossary